It’s time to say goodbye to a project which I spent a lot of time on and will always have a place in my heart.

What is the London Budget App?

The London Budget App is my winning submission to long since dead).  I won first prize and am quite proud of the achievement but the usefulness of the site has come to a conclusion as the budget passed a couple of months ago. As a courtesy to the City of London (Ontario) I hosted the site on my own server.  Rails websites can be tricky to set up for rails newbies and I was happy to provide that service. This is not something that I had to do but I thought it was the least I could do since I received some prize money.  But I need to clear up some resources on my server for my current projects. {% imgcap /images/in_post/metro.jpg My Photo in the Metro Newspaper %}

Why I’m Proud and Why I Like the App

  • I won the contest as a lone contestant while there was a submission from a* TEAM* of full time web developers / designers
  • I programmed this site to be useful
  • This was the first Ruby on Rails site I have released to the public in a while
  • I didn’t write any tests for the contest but I definitely would have had this been client work

What I Would Change in the App / Regrets

I programmed a LOT of backend functionality into the site that was not even seen by the user.  Mainly importing csv budget data and a whole system for a budget feedback system.  If I was to do this again, since it was just a contest I would have imported the data and been done with it.  I added a lot of error handling so people using the app next year would have less troubles. My main regret is that I never really got feedback from the City.  The obviously liked the end product because they chose my site as the winner but I wish this could have been a more collaborative effort between the City and myself.  I’m sure I could have cut half of the time I spent on the project if the City was a client instead of a judge. Live and learn. As with any project, I always feel I could have done better but looking back on my London Budget App experience, I learned a lot and will bring that experience with me to my future endeavours.